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Environment Protection Policy.

PJSC “Yugreftransflot” in carrying out technical management and providing services for controlling safety of navigation, realizes in full the importance of the environment protection policy in shipping company and thus endeavours to use best practice and methods to ensure safety and protection of the environment from pollution ashore as well as at sea. The Management of the Company understands, supports and directs its activity in compliance with ISO 14001 requirements.

Realizing its responsibility, the Company’s Management determined the most important aspects in the environment protection:

  • To reduce negative ecological impact on the environment and prevent its pollution;
  • To meet international and national legislative and mandatory requirements related to environment aspects determined by the company;
  • To continuously improve shore personnel and crews’ skill to control the environment protection including preparedness to address emergency situations;

To achieve above the Company is engaged in solving following tasks:

  • Continuous development and improvement of the efficiency of the environment protection management;
  • Implementing working processes, ensure maintenance and service of the equipment, buildings and facilities in accordance with standard requirements;
  • Upgrading existing equipment, implementing new technology and new production methods taking into account energy conserving and low scrap technology and requirements, standards and regulations for the environment protection;
  • Reducing waste and resources consumption;
  • Identifying environment aspects and their management;
  • Implementing measures to reduce negative impact on the environment from company’s activity;
  • Providing studying, training and drills ashore and on board ships aimed at improving personnel qualification, competence and skill.

To prevent negative impact on the environment, comply with legislative Acts for the protection of the environment - is the obligation of everybody in the Company.

PJSC “Yugreftransflot” V.A. Andryeyev

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