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Summery of shipping company JSC “YUGREFTRANSFLOT”

1. Historical reference and kinds of activity

History of company counts 45 years. JSC “Yugreftransflot” (YRTF) was founded on 1994 by the way of corporatization and became the assignee of the enterprise “Yugrybholodflot” which was founded on 1967. The present time the Company YRTF is the holding joint-stock company of the open type.


The main kinds of activity of YRTF are as follows:

  • all types of management of the sea going vessels;
  • freight of marine vessels jointly with the German chartering company “ORCA Transport” which is the partner of YRTF;
  • arranging of survey inspection of vessels and cargoes;

The main YRTF type of activity is management of marine and ocean going vessels.

JSC “Yugreftransflot” – is one of the first shipping companies activity of which is executed in compliance with ISM Code and MC ISO 9000.

Normative documents of ISM Code and Ecological Management System applying in the Company meet the demands of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Since 1997 JSC “Yugreftransflot” is the member of Alpha Reefer Transport GmbH (Hamburg, Germany).

JSC “Yugreftransflot” is the member of BIMCO since 1999 (which is the largest international shipping association) and stictly fulfill the guidelines of International Organizations and Conventions such as IMO, SOLAS, GMDSS and ISM.

2. The Main Types of Managements.

The vessels are managed by JSC “Yugreftransflot”. There are standard forms of agreements for shipmanagement, such as the Contract in a BIMCO form – “Shipman”. Contract deals with the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties, terms of payment for shipmanagement and also the types of the management listed below:

1. Technical management

  • arrangement of repair of vessel as well as recurring docking of vessels and survey inspection for Class renewal. Purchase of spare parts and other technical supply necessary for repair of the vessels.
  • arrangement of H&M insurance as well as P&I insurance and insurance of crew members. Insurance is executed in the insurance companies approved by the Shipowners. In the case of emergency or any accident manager takes all the measures necessary for saving of the vessel, arrangement of the necessary repair, timely informing of the insurance companies, calling of the insurance survey, etc.
  • renewal of all vessel documents in due time - flag certificate, ownership certificate, class certificate, etc.

JSC “Yugreftransflot” has at its disposal a group of marine superintendents in its staff with long record of service on ocean going vessels, who could provide high level of technical management of the vessels.

2. Vessels operation and commercial management

Arrangement of vessels operation on the conditions of time-charter or at spot in compliance with the conditions of chartering market. Appointment of ship agents in all ports which are attended by vessels. Provision of timely and full load of vessels in the ports of departure and their discharging in the ports of destination in compliance with the terms and conditions of time-charter signed by the manager or its brokers. Claiming of fine to stevedoring companies / freight forwarders and recipients in the cases of delay of vessels under the freight operations over fixed norms.

JSC “Yugreftransflot” has at its disposal a group of highly qualified especialists with long record of service who could provide high level of operation and commercial management of the vessels.

3. Financial Management

Opening and operation of accounts for shipowning companies in the banks approved by the owner of the vessel. All the monetary operations connected with the operations of the vessels (costs and profits) are carried out through this account. On counting basis at will of shipowner preparation of accounting reports is executed in compliance with IFRS and forwarding them to shipowners. In case of need by the approval of shipowner manager arranges short term loans for the vessel. By the request of the shipowner transfers dividends to him by the end of the year.

Financial Department of JSC “Yugreftransflot” employs highly qualified especialists who provide high level of financial management in the banks of Germany, Cyprus, Greece and other countries.

4. Legal Management

  • Represents the Shipowner in courts, as well in the state and public bodies in regard to the issues connected with the operation of sea going vessels.
  • In case of emergency or accident of any vessel, taking of all legal measures for protection of the Shipowner.
  • In case of mortgage in favor of the bank – Lender, rendering of assistance on preparation and signing of necessary documents by the request of the Shipowner.
  • Rendering of necessary legal support to the shopowner and vessel in case of detention of the vessel by the local authorities and taking of measures in order to release the vessel swiftly.

As opposite to other companies arranging the shipmanagement, JSC “Yugreftransflot” has the high-level professional Legal Advisers in its staff who is able to render all range of all necessary services to the Shipowner.

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